SABI AGRI organizes the 100 hours of the electric

From April 24, 2023, ALPO, the electric straddle tractor from SABI AGRI, will work the vineyards of Burgundy in France for 100 hours over a week!

Our wish: to offer the wine grower a different and more sustainable experience of working the land.A tour of more than 25 hectares of vineyards.

From Santenay to Gevrey, all along the 47 kilometers of the wine road, ALPO, the electric tractor straddling of SABI AGRI comes to work the plots of many wine growers. Three ALPO straddle tractors will be deployed for a series of demonstrations. Our partner winegrowers are also involved in this performance.

ALPO, the most versatile electric straddle tractor on the market

The 3 working areas of the ALPO are compatible with all standard mechanical, hydraulic or electric tools. Its driving position offers an unequalled visibility on the tools and the working areas, and allows a very precise work.  

Combining working power and respect for the soil, it is also a profitable tractor. Indeed, its unique architecture gives it an exceptional energy efficiency with 10 times less energy consumed and little maintenance. With its low-pressure tires and low weight, it preserves the soil even for operations requiring repeated passes or when working after rain.

Discover ALPO in video.