SABI AGRI participates in FIRA USA

SABI AGRI is entering the american market of agricultural equipment with its electric tractors, both manually driven and autonomous

SABI AGRI, French designer and manufacturer of electric agricultural equipment for agroecology, continues its international deployment by going to meet the Californian Farmers during the FIRA USA from October 18th to October 20th at Fresno.

SABI AGRI – pioneer of agroecological agricultural equipment – has successfully deployed in Europe with the establishment of a solid network of dealerships and have more than 15,000 hours of work in vineyards, market gardening, and specialized crops.

Now, SABI AGRI increases its area of influence by approaching the American market.

 “The California which is a hotspot of agriculture in the USA is facing crucial issues linked to the increase of manpower shortage and the necessity of pushing forward the agricultural practices in a greener way. Agricultural robotic is recognized to be a lever capable of provide better solutions. By participating to the FIRA USA 2022, we felt the necessity to get closer to the Californian farmers in order to deeply determine their needs and answer to them in terms of facilitating the implementation of a sustainable, profitable and respectful farming.” Laure Prévault Osmani, Managing director and Co-founder of SABI AGRI.

SABI AGRI products allow a great versatility and productivity while being concrete solutions to cut off the gas emission and achieve carbon neutrality. Each machine avoids the emission of 10,4 tons of CO2 allowing climate change mitigation and a better air quality!

Laure & Alexandre Prévault Osmani, the co-founders of SABI AGRI, are going to be present to the FIRA USA at Fresno from October 18th to October 20th. They will be presenting the current flagship product of SABI AGRI – the ALPO Electric Tractor wine straddle – but also the last technological advances of the company on the Autonomous Electric Tractor using the Zilus box. 

This event is a great opportunity to meet and build partnerships with local players. To be the closest of the field needs, we will complete our business trip by a Californian Tour of vineyards and market gardening farms. “Alexandre Prévault Osmani, President and Co-founder of SABI AGRI.

After the FIRA USA, SABI AGRI will pursue the discussions and the partnerships initiated during the event with the aim of deploying its products and setting up its network of dealerships in California with the goal of opening a subsidiary at medium term.

Thanks to the agroecological agricultural equipment of SABI AGRI, the American farmers will be able to replace their thermal tractors by electric tractors and robots allowing the implementation of a sustainable, resilient, and competitive farming.