SABI AGRI propels Agriculture 4.0

A boost for the French autonomous tractor thanks to the support of the European Commission and its EIC Accelerator fund.

On October 14, the highly selective EIC (European Innovation Council) Accelerator program announced the names of the winning companies in its March 2021 call for applications. After a selection process lasting several months, to which more than 4,000 European companies applied, 64 of them were finally selected, including 12 in France.

Among them, SABI AGRI, a French industrial company with the GreenTech label, which is developing the first electric agricultural equipment for use in agro-ecology and has been awarded a project grant of 3.5 million euros.

This financing concerns the “SWARM” project, which will enable SABI AGRI to develop the new generation of multipurpose robots for field crops and viticulture!

An increasing part of the cultivated soils suffers from a serious compaction due to the intensive use of heavy thermal machines. The FAO (Food and Agriculture organization) considers that 33% of soils are currently degraded. However, there is no alternative to these tractors, and no other solution can obtain the same level of productivity while avoiding compaction and massive CO2 emissions.

SABI AGRI is aware of this situation and offers concrete solutions. The company developing the first collaborative electric agroecological equipment, where a fleet of light autonomous tractors. The support of the EIC will accelerate the deployment of the solution by SABI AGRI before its launch on the European and North American market.

“This selection confirms our belief in the need to transform the current agricultural machinery paradigm. After four years of intensive R&D on our robotizable ALPO platform to make it profitable, versatile, soil-friendly and adapted to all farming operations, we will be able to accelerate its autonomous and collaborative nature”, underlines Laure OSMANI, Co-founder and Managing Director of SABI AGRI.

The SWARM solution is fully in line with the 3rd agricultural revolution described in the France 2030 plan. The robotics offered by SABI AGRI is oriented to develop a sustainable, resilient and competitive agriculture. These robots will be able to replace all thermal tractors, whatever their power. They also meet the challenges of sustainable agriculture and the European objectives of the Green Deal, notably carbon neutrality and the development of sustainable agriculture.

This program is an opportunity for the French start-up to go from pioneer to leader in agroecology robotics !

The range of electric agroecological tractors of SABI AGRI becomes autonomous.
Photo credit : SABI AGRI

Alexandre PREVAULT et Laure OSMANI, co-founders of SABI AGRI
Crédit photo : SABI AGRI

A propos de SABI AGRI

SABI AGRI est pionnière des agroéquipements électrique agroécologique.

Forte de sa maîtrise des hautes technologies et son ancrage dans le monde agricole, elle conçoit et fabrique en France sa gamme de Tracteurs Électriques ALPO. Leur architecture épurée a repensé la notion de tracteur pour allier performance et polyvalence tout en étant entièrement robotisable. Les Tracteurs Électriques ALPO accompagnent tous les agriculteurs au quotidien, pour toutes les opérations culturales, soit en valet de ferme, soit en tracteur de tête selon les exploitations agricoles.

Forte de son expertise en robotique et en chaine de traction électrique, l’entreprise développe la version entière autonome de ses tracteurs électriques pour toutes les cultures.