SABI AGRI has joined forces with INRAE

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After having succeeded in the challenge of being a pioneer in electric agricultural equipment for agro-ecology, SABI AGRI has joined forces with INRAE in a Joint Research Laboratory (LabCom) supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR) for a research project called TIARA (Toward Intelligent Adaptable Robots for Agriculture).

The objective? To accelerate the development of a versatile control architecture for SABI
AGRI’s ALPO electric tractors, enabling them to work autonomously in interaction with work autonomously in interaction with the human.


The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE) has been working for several years on the theme of agricultural robotics, through numerous projects. The work in robotics of the
Romea team (TSCF research unit) has shown the ability to develop robots that can be adapted to natural environments and different contexts in order to carry out work.
Robotics appears more and more as a lever to support the ecological transition of agriculture, while reducing the drudgery of work.

“The TIARA laboratory is a unique opportunity to pursue developments in robotics and confront them with real operating conditions. The partnership with SABI AGRI allows us to accelerate research and increase the dissemination of robotics to farmers in their daily lives,” said Roland LENAIN, Director of Research INRAE.

SABI AGRI, with its mastery of high technologies in mechanics, mechatronics and robotics, has developed various models of versatile electric tractors adapted to all crops. By designing the ALPO Electric Tractor, SABI AGRI has positioned itself as a pioneer in the market of electric agroecological equipment.

“The needs of agriculture are evolving while agriculture is turning to environmentally friendly practices, the agricultural equipment does not follow the same path” says Alexandre PREVAULT OSMANI, cofounder and president of SABI AGRI.
SABI AGRI has completely rethought the concept of tractor to offer a light and powerful electric tractor adapted to the challenges of sustainable agriculture.


The LabCom will play a real gas pedal role for the entire industry by proposing machines with adaptable levels of autonomy and shared decision-making capabilities, in order to meet farmers’ expectations.

The alliance of the knowledge of the agricultural field and of the traction chain of the electric agricultural machines of SABI AGRI associated with the expertise of the research team of the agricultural robotics of INRAE, constitute the base of the common laboratory.