The company

Our vision

Designing agro-ecological electric vehicles is our vocation.

We design and manufacture electric tractors and robots that connect farmers to their soil.

Thanks to our expertise in off-road electric mobility, we offer farmers relevant, robust, and competitive products.

Our approach is based on 3 pillars:

  • To provide a technological response to a proven need in the field. SABI AGRI designs its different product ranges by understanding the needs of farmers.
  • Combining respect for the environment and productivity. All our products are designed to allow the implementation of virtuous cultivation practices while ensuring the competitiveness of farms. The partnership between the farmers and their land is based on their mutual respect.
  • Putting farmers at the center of their work. Comfortable working conditions drive our developments and has enabled us to design agricultural equipment that is uncluttered and easy to use so that farmers can concentrate exclusively on their work.

The fundamental role of agricultural equipment in the transformation of agriculture

Faced with ever more powerful and imposing agricultural equipment, we have noted a real need for innovation to preserve resources, protect biodiversity and provide working comfort.

Agriculture is undergoing a revolution as profound as strong as the replacement of the horse by the thermal tractor. So we started from scratch and retained only the functions necessary to work the land.

We have designed lightweight machines with enough traction to perform all cultivation operations.

We bring the Right Agronomic Power!

Our history

What if tomorrow we could put agricultural machinery at the service of sustainable agriculture?

Laure and Alexandre PREVAULT OSMANI created SABI AGRI to meet the growing need for agricultural equipment for sustainable agriculture.

Thanks to their complementary skills, the first electric tractors designed and manufactured in France were created.

The company now offers several ranges of tractors and agroecological robots in Europe.

They support us