SABI AGRI unveils its new ZILUS electric robot, the most powerful electric robot on the market

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Pioneer of agroecological equipment, SABI AGRI expands its range of electric vehicles with its ZILUS autonomous off-road robot which will be presented exclusively at VINITEH 2022 from November 29 to December 1, 2022.

Just like its famous brother, the ALPO electric tractor, ZILUS has a modular design that allows it to adapt to all crops and perform all agricultural tasks. It is currently deployed in vineyards and will enter in field crops next year.

Its game changing innovation consists in its different control modes.

ZILUS is capable of being fully autonomous and of following a trajectory using RTK GPS. It offers a slope crossing capacity of 55%.

It is also capable of virtually linking to the ALPO electric tractor. Concretely, the farmer drives his/her ALPO and controls ZILUS, which adapts its speed and work to that of the ALPO leader. ZILUS can perform the same agricultural tasks as the ALPO or an additional one.

This disruptive approach combines work input with the farmer’s direct control over their vehicles and their crops.

« ZILUS autonomous robot allows to multiply work input in vineyards through collaboration. The robots work in a swarm under the control of an ALPO electric tractor driven by an operator. Together they form the robotics harmony. Working in an agricultural collaborative swarm maintains the farmer at the center of his/her work while optimizing his workload; this facilitates the implementation of agroecological practices. The first swarm will be deployed in 2023 at a partner winegrower’s. » – Laure Prévault Osmani, Managing Director and co-founder.

With this new generation of versatile and collaborative robots, SABI AGRI operates as a transformative agent for all crops and will position itself in the short term as the leader in agroecological robotics.

Meet us at Vinitech from November 29th to December 1st 2022. HALL 1, Stand n° D0806- Agricultural techniques

Press contact: Laure PREVAULT OSMANI –


SABI AGRI, a fast-growing agroecological robotics company, has developed a new generation of agricultural machinery with its high-performance electric tractors and robots.

The company, expert in electric traction, transforms agricultural machinery to support the implementation of sustainable agriculture for all crops and operations. SABI AGRI’s vehicles combine technological advances and robustness to achieve triple performance: Respect for the environment – Profitability – Respect for People.

SABI AGRI is recognized as a company of excellence with complementary skills and committed to a better future.