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The Electric Tractor


The Range ALPO

Its unique architecture is a major innovation offering an increased profitability, an optimum ease of use and a unparalleled versatility. ALPO can excecute the same agronomical operations than a thermal 40HP tractor. 

With batteries that can last up to eight hours, it recharges in less than two hours ; a full charge costs around 1€. The operating cost is 10 times cheaper than a thermal tractor.

Design and production of the ALPO electric tractor dedicated to all agricultural projects (market gardening, livestock farming, field crops vine-growing, arboriculture…). It can be used as an everyday tractor, row crop tractor or main tractor, according to the size of farm.


ALPO Basic

Equiped by 2 wheels drive from 700kg. Its power is 25ch electric.

ALPO 4x4

Equiped by 4 wheels drive from 850kg. Its power is 50ch electric.

ALPO Enjambeur

Equiped by 4 wheels drive from 950kg. Its power is 50ch electric.

They support us

Ce dispositif est co-financé par l’Union Européenne dans le cadre du Fonds Européen de Développement Régional (FEDER)

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