SABI AGRI committed to the Grand défi Robotique Agricole

Saint-Beauzire, September 22nd – SABI AGRI, the leader in electric agricultural equipment, is participating in the launch of the Grand Défi Robotique Agricole, which was recently announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, in partnership with INRAE ​​and the RobAgri association. An opportunity to bring to light the Robotic Harmony, the company’s first electric collaborative fleet.

The Grand Défi Robotique, a state investment plan of 21 million euros over 5 years, aims to enable the establishment, development, and marketing of robotic agroecological solutions in order to enable farmers to seize new technologies.

As an active member of the RobAgri association, which brings together actors in agricultural robotics in France and contributes decisively to the Grand Défi Robotique, SABI AGRI is committed to accelerating the agroecological transition by associating agronomic and robotic levers, through 3 major themes of the Grand Défi Robotique Agricole:

  • Construction of new robotic agroecological itineraries
  • Agro-environmental assessment of robotic actions
  • Creation of new robotic crop cycles

« We are proud to be an actor of the Grand Défi Robotique Agricole, which aims to accelerate the development of robotics for agriculture. We are fully committed to this transition and share the sector’s development objectives to support farmers towards a more sustainable agriculture. »

Laure Prevault-Osmani, General Manager – Co-founder of SABI AGRI

The Robotic Harmony – The first 100% electric collaborative agricultural fleet

The Robotic Harmony, designed and manufactured by SABI AGRI, marketed since summer 2023, is a 100% electric collaborative fleet where the ALPO Electric Straddle Tractor and the ZILUS All-Terrain Robot work together.

Aboard his ALPO electric tractor, the winegrower works his vineyard and pilots his ZILUS all-terrain robot, which carries out the same or complementary operations.

This unique Robotic Harmony opens new agroecological practices that are committed to preserving the soil and respecting the environment and the people.