ZILUS, the 100% electric all-terrain robot, makes its mark.

ZILUS the all-terrain robot – Photo credits SABI AGRI

SABI AGRI, the leader in electric agricultural equipment, is continuing its expansion by adding to its range ZILUS, the most powerful wine-growing robot on the market. This new-generation robot is in line with our desire to offer a high-performance, robust tool for sustainable and competitive agriculture.

A major ally

With its streamlined architecture and caterpillar tracks, ZILUS is a sensation in the vineyards. Its elegant, all-steel mechatronic architecture makes it as robust as the day’s agricultural work.

ZILUS the all-terrain robot – Photo credits SABI AGRI

Its modular design means it can be adapted to all crops, perform all cultivation operations and overcome slopes of up to 55% as well as inclines. Its height and width can be adapted to meet every need.

Equipped with 3 work zones: front, central and rear tool carriers, ZILUS offers unique versatility in agricultural robotics. It can straddle narrow vines and pass through the inter-row for wide vines, with an overall length of 150cm. What’s more? Its compatibility with standard tools: mechanical, hydraulic and electric.

Driving methods to suit all needs

ZILUS is the only robot to offer so much modularity with its 4 driving modes:

  • Working in total autonomy thanks to RTK GPS
  • Driving via remote control
  • Driving directly from a driver station
  • Working in Robotic Harmony, with the ALPO, SABI AGRI’s electric tractor

« Our robotics are designed for use in the field, making them easy and ergonomic to use. Coming from the farming world, we understand the uses and expectations of farmers. The robot has to be a real day-to-day companion. »

Alexandre PREVAULT OSMANI, co-founder of SABI AGRI

ZILUS the all-terrain robot – Photo credits SABI AGRI

Our innovation, THE ROBOTIC HARMONY to multiply work

The arrival of ZILUS has enabled us to push back the boundaries of the state of the art in agricultural robotics with the first collaborative robotic fleet : the Robotic Harmony.

Aboard his ALPO electric tractor, the winegrower works his vineyard and pilots his ZILUS all-terrain robot, which carries out the same or complementary operations. The Robotic Harmony system optimizes and increases the work rate in the vineyard.

ZILUS, our 100% electric all-terrain robot, is a natural match for the versatility of the ALPO electric tractor! Together, they can do more work, with greater precision, for all types of soil work and vine maintenance.

With Robotic Harmony, there’s no need for cartographic reconnaissance or prior surveying of the plot.

This unique Robotic Harmony opens new working prospects that are committed to preserving the soil and respecting the environment and the people.

ZILUS and ALPO work together in Robotic Harmony – Photo credits SABI AGRI